Baking up a Hallowe’en nightmare


As if you didn’t know, tonight is the Bake-Off Final followed swiftly by Halloween (not on the same night – obviously!). In celebration of both, the Idealogy team retreated to their individual ‘tents’ over the weekend, got out the bowls, fired up their Kenwoods,  turned on the ovens and duly delivered the results to the judges in the shape of a range of Halloween themed bakes.

Take a look at the mouthwateringly spooky treats, created by the Idealogy bakers.

On your marks, get set, MAKE your mind up!

The Bakes

Every one a nightmare!

  1. Liz’s Ghost Meringues, Spider Cookies and Toothy Strawberries – she’s a great big Halloween baking show-off!
  2. Steve’s Graveyard Chocolate Cake – dead cert winner!
  3. Shelley’s Spider Pizza’s – traditional, with legs on!
  4. Emma’s “I won’t be beaten” Pinata Cookies
  5. Charlotte’s Skelingbone Cupcakes
  6. Simon’s Spider Cake – an adult was present during the making of this cake!
  7. Nathan’s Halloween Cupcakes – face up to your worst fears
  8. James’ Devil Muffins – step away from the raw chillies

It wouldn’t be Bake Off without our Star Bakers. We all voted on the best bakes in three categories, inspired by the format of the show.

The Signature

The Signature award (best of a bad bunch) was awarded to Simon Dover for his Spider Cake!

The Technical

For the best approach to the brief – in this case, the most ‘halloweeny’ Liz Hellyer was awarded the Technical award for her Ghost Meringues, Spider Cookies and Toothy Strawberries!

The Showstopper

And for the bake with the most wow factor, the Showstopper accolade was awarded to Steve Barnes for his Graveyard Chocolate Cake!

We’re so pleased that so many took up the challenge. We’re even more delighted with the effort and the fab results. Now, who would have you voted for?