Brand definition made simple and more believable.

Your BrandPrint is everything you are, everything to say and everything you do. The BrandPrint process is inclusive, collaborative and uncovers the true value in what you’re doing and amplifies it.


“BrandPrint has enabled us to clearly articulate our brand and its position. De’Longhi is a business in continuous growth – BrandPrint pinpointed the essence and values of the company and enabled us to find connecting DNA from our legacy as a manufacturer of oil-filled radiators in the 1970’s with worldwide leadership in coffee makers today”

Giovanni Tofano
Worldwide Trade Marketing Manager, De’Longhi

New Forest Hotels

Creation of one brand proposition delivered through different guest experiences.

17% increase in repeat visits
27% increase in on-line booking
12.5% increase in corporate business


“BrandPrint helped us galvanise a disparate business and
single-mindedly refocused our NPD process and brand strategy.”

Mark Welch
CEO, Kenwood



Persuading a well established and highly-talented technologies company to stop talking about its technology was a massive mountain to climb. We realised that the majority of its products and benefits had a hugely positive impact on mankind and felt it could become a benchmark for other technologies brands to aspire to in the way that it could celebrate its influence on mankind.

Depict people who have benefited from e2v products by telling stories about these individuals and their ‘true life’ experiences.

Reveal what’s really special about your brand