Find only your most valuable customers.

If ROI from your customer experience and martech investment is critical, then you must first understand the true value of your customers. iDX takes you from customer account and AI based value-mapping through to content creation, technical delivery, full measurement and analysis.

Technology immersion is deepening daily.

But, proficiency in utilising martech and realising the true benefits lags far behind current investment levels.

Many marketers feel that there’s too much focus on precise, highly segmented delivery – right message, right buyers, right time – has diverted attention from the fundamental necessity to deliver a great customer experience.


iDX creates content lifecycles that are beautifully in-sync with your customers and prospects.

iDX takes you from customer value prediction to content creation, through technical delivery to full measurement and analysis.

It guarantees ROI on your marketing investment, integrating high quality content development with relevant martech selection.

Find your most valuable prospects and customers