“Technology will never solve a lack of imagination”

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You think everyone has a secret optimist inside…not someone hiding an actual optimist in a basement somewhere, but rather you just think everyone has a soft side to him or her. Even those hardened individuals who love to show off their tough exterior.

In the world of branding, marketing and creative delivery it’s more about the specifics, the skills sets and credibility. There’s nothing secret about it, it’s just that so many talented and creative people forget their hard-earned skills and, optimistically, believe that they’re something they’re not.

PR people – brilliant writers and content generators all. Digital Agencies – hugely talented and made of very different DNA to many of us. Interior Designers – great experiential skills and customer experience know-how.

So why do so many of them believe that they are brand experts or full service agencies?? “Let’s fish in the bigger pond! We’re bound to catch something”.

Its not as if we ‘brand and business change’ urchins can claim to be any of these things. To us, all of the other specialists out there are our potential partners and resources. People who help us shape our offer, not define our claim.

The market space we all operate in is so huge and so untapped that moving into areas that we cannot claim to be experts in is folly – both hugely optimistic and extraordinarily arrogant.

We understand our value because we see it before our eyes as our clients either blossom or shrivel under the glare of the bright lights. But whatever the results, its because we firmly believe in our IP, our processes and our creative delivery – not because we didn’t understand the question and we needed to be something different.

A friend of ours recently commented, “I’m an Eternal Optimist who understands that the one thing technology cannot solve is a lack of imagination”

We’re with that guy!!!