That all went off a treat!


Delicious treats, no tricks and a few surprises

The annual Idealogy Halloween Bake Off has happened under cover of darkness, and the results are in! However contentious some of the scoring was (especially for the losers!), it’s been another fangtastic year and a massive effort by everyone, and their Mummies. And as we all put our baking equipment back in the dark basement again, you don’t have to be a Mad Scientist to know which one won…Leon’s Brain stopped us all in our tracks.

That’s something I didn’t expect to be saying any time soon.

  1. Steve B’s Zombie Brain Cake
  2. Darryl’s Tesco Terrors (Cheese & Onion Rolls and Scotch Eggs)
  3. James’ Pumpkin Bread
  4. Emma’s Eyeball Truffles
  5. Leon’s Brain Cake
  6. Simon D’s Baby Mummy Sausage Rolls
  7. Shelley’s Black Forest Zombie Blood Muffins
  8. Steve G’s Mummy Biscuits
  9. Charlotte’s Gravestone Cake

We voted on the best bakes in three categories:

The Best Taste

The Best Taste was awarded to Emma for her Oreo Eyeball Truffles.

The Most Spooky

Shelley was awarded the Most Spooky award for her Black Forest Zombie Blood Muffins.

The Showstopper

The Showstopper accolade was awarded to Leon for his Brain Cake.

Well done all!