Bright ideas for Christmas

Bright Ideas for Christmas

The unique thinkers at Idealogy have been getting festive with some ideas to brighten your Christmas. Some practical, some idealistic, we hope you enjoy them!

Light bulb with heart filament

Liz H

“Keep it simple”


“Play a boardgame with friends and family. There are more out there than Monopoly, try some of the suggestions here


“Make the most of the time and get merry – here’s some inspiration


“Christmas tree holograms. No more needles! Amsterdam had the right idea”


“Visit Longleat for the festival of light

Liz R

“Retail therapy – it should be on the NHS as an anti-depressant!”


“Look at lots of twinkling Christmas lights, they look even better with some mulled wine”

Simon D

“An inflatable orb around the house to make a real life snowglobe. Or for a quicker way you could have a go with this

Light bulb with bunny filament


“It’s the thought that counts. Make presents instead of buying expensive gifts”

Light bulb with R2-D2

Steve B

“A self digging, cutting and decorating live Christmas tree. While we wait these aren’t too far off”


“Gift cards that you can swap for cash in the store. (nobody likes receiving gift cards!)”

Steve G

“Drinking at breakfast time – the only time in the year you can get away with it!”

Simon W

“Make a Swedish Fire Log – instructions here

All the team at Idealogy would like to wish you a very… Merry Christmas and a peaceful, happy and bright 2016