Christmas Beliefs

15 Dec: Do you believe…

As another year of ideas draws to a tinsel-heavy end and we look forward to the festive break ahead, we felt it only appropriate to ask the Idealogy team what they truly believe in at this time of year…


26 Oct: Baking up a Hallowe’en nightmare

As if you didn’t know, tonight is the Bake-Off Final followed swiftly by Halloween (not on the same night – obviously!). In celebration of both, the Idealogy team retreated to their individual ‘tents’ over the weekend, got out the bowls, fired up their Kenwoods, turned on the ovens and duly delivered the results to the judges in the shape of a range of Halloween themed bakes.


25 Aug: Business start up stories

It all started somewhere! Household brands all began their lives as a much smaller version of the giant they became. Or did they?? Here’s some interesting, fun and inspirational facts about the early beginnings of a few familiar names, with just a little bit of related advice thrown in for good measure

EU Roundup image

21 Jun: EU right down to the wire

The EU referendum will go right “down to the wire” after a late surge of support and public declaration from the Remain camp in the final days of the campaign, and post the tragic incidents in Batley and Spen in Yorkshire. It might well be that one expression of extreme and violent patriotism has swung popular opinion away from the Leave faction. But there is still much uncertainty and, in truth, the result is very finely balanced. If you are still in the ‘don’t know’ column, here’s what we know so far…