Celebrate good times, come on…

It’s no secret that we like to celebrate here at Idealogy – anyone who’s ever witnessed our annual trip to Cowes will certainly know this! But, celebrating gets an extra kick when it’s something special – the big 6 0!

Yes, our hallowed leader and forefather, Simon Dover turned 60 at the start of this month and we couldn’t let it pass without doing at least something. Cue 2 months of sneaking around, organising a cake and venue and plotting how we get SD out of the office and the rest of the team to the venue without him suspecting anything – this was the hardest aspect and, unfortunately didn’t go without a hitch BUT it didn’t detract from anything!

Come 3pm on October 1st, it was mission accomplished. The brilliant cake was provided by Kelly’s CakeAway in Hamble (the same person who did our 25th birthday cake – have a look at her website, she’s very clever!) and we headed over to the Grazing Goat in Highfield for lunch – and trust us, this is a place you need to discover if you haven’t yet, it’s beautiful!!

Happy Birthday Mr Dover, we love ya…Now it’s time to start looking at the next celebration – anyone for mince pies and mulled wine?