Crayola or Caran d’Ache – which side were you on?

  1. Idealogy team photos in frames
  2. Idealogy team school photos in frames

Colouring books are back and firmly establishing themselves as the new tool to still busy minds. Certainly something creatives know a lot about. Of course a ‘creative wander’ can be very productive and will often spark an interesting discussion or two. Take the other day, chatting about this very topic; in no time we were back to the good old days of art class, model making and colouring in. Naturally the ‘school photo’ conversation began and here, from the braver members of the team, are just some of our dubious hairstyles, ‘practical’ fashion and toothy grins in all their glory. We’ve grown up just a little since these pictures were taken – some of us have changed more than others. But with colouring pencils and stationery high up on our list of new term must haves, it’s clear we were budding creatives, even then.

Simon D:
Liked: The thought of mint custard and chocolate Cornflake cakes for lunch
Disliked: The Deputy Headmaster parading the boys playground in his cape and mortar

Simon W:
Liked: Going to Baldwins stationers to stock up on pencils, Rotring pens and a new geometry set
Disliked: The drive back to boarding school after the long lazy days of summer and leaving my family, friends and animals behind.

Liked: The anticipation of the sport that was to be played
Disliked: Learning French – cos I was so bad at it!

Liked: Getting a new pencil case and stationery (so original!)
Disliked: Teacher’s icebreaker games for new classes

Liked: A trip to Woolworths to buy new stationery and a shiny new pair of t-bar shoes
Disliked: Starting a new term after the long summer break

Liked: Getting a new tin of Caran d’Ache colouring pencils
Disliked: Getting up so early!

Liked: New stationery, especially brand new Crayola pencil crayons
Disliked: Having to get up again in the mornings after 6 weeks of holiday and lie ins

Liked: Catching up with mates
Disliked: Maffs and spelllin lessons

Liked: Smoking in the graveyard
Disliked: Really dry chocolate sponge and gloopy sauce

Liked: Absolutely nothing
Disliked: ‘Back to School’ advertising in shops