Do you believe…

Christmas Beliefs

As another year of ideas draws to a tinsel-heavy end and we look forward to the festive break ahead, we felt it only appropriate to ask the Idealogy team what they truly believe in at this time of year…

Liz H

“I believe in magic: money grows on trees and all food is calorie-free. Merry Christmas!”


“I believe that everyone should enjoy Christmas in their own way and that mine involves watching Disney Sing-Along videos, jigsaw puzzles and mulled wine!”


“I believe my Kids still believe!”


“I believe in family unity and my Dad’s guess the amount of leaves on a pineapple game!”


“I believe in dreaming big, sparkling more and shining bright.”

Simon W

“I believe in peace, love and happiness… (not forgetting cheese, my mum’s Tudor trifle and Carols from Kings College Cambridge)­”


“I believe that it will snow on Christmas day”

Simon D

“I believe in Father Christmas – possibly the best modern Christmas song ever written by the recently departed Greg Lake”


“I believe it’s the thought that counts.”

Steve B

“I believe in a new star wars film every christmas… “


“At Christmas time, I believe that Father Christmas will fit down my chimney”

Steve G

“I believe in big Lego sets, Jack Daniels and being the dog when playing monopoly.”