Is the high street ‘fit’ for purpose

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What is the point of the high street?

Where is ‘destination retail’ heading?

Consumer behaviour is changing at such a rate it is difficult for companies like Toys R Us and Maplin to keep up.

New Look, Mothercare, Jamie’s Italian, Byron and Prezzo are stumbling around shell-shocked by the behaviours of the unpredictable shopper

We were reading the BBC’s recent analysis of what to do with the surplus of retail space.

In particular how The Gym Group has opened up in part of a former BHS in Walthamstow, and how it is using unused space in a Sainsbury store in Edinburgh.

This bought to mind some work we did with Fitness First where we helped them explore similar opportunities.

Having identified that more personalised and localised fitness concepts were significant factors in membership attrition, we were tasked to evaluate and develop new fitness concepts as an alternative to the traditional ‘big box’ gym concept.

A changing retail and high street landscape was one area that we felt could be developed into , niche concepts offering consumers a mix of target fitness regimes combined with an all-new lifestyle influenced customer experience.

We also identified strong commercial and brand opportunities with city centre ‘transient’ sites; areas awaiting development and regeneration as well as unused urban spaces which could be transformed into a gym style offer but with a radically different approach.

In combination with developing location spaces and concepts, we worked with exercise, fitness, health and well-being experts to develop new combinations of exercise trends and customer experiences.

The output was used successfully to gain ‘buy-in’ and investment to develop pilot schemes.

If you are looking to explore new opportunities for your brand and need to understand how you can remain relevant in a tumultuous period of change, we’d love to speak to you.

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