How Black Friday became the Blue Touch paper that ignites a White Christmas…

Black Friday Sale Banner - Woman with Bags

Pop Quiz – who knows what Black Friday is or what it stands for?

The short version? Black Friday always falls the day after American Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November) when US retailers traditionally experience a surge in shoppers starting their Christmas shopping – so, polish off the turkey and sharpen up the credit card!

Why black? Well, those retailers often generate enough money to keep them “in the black” for the rest of the year. So with that as a formula, many brands in the States now launch temporary deals and offers to entice shoppers to come to “The Mall’ or online and spend, spend, spend!

It’s a simple and positive concept, but with all things that begin their lives ‘across the pond’ in the retail centre of the universe, it was never going to stop there was it?

For the last 2-3 weeks, anyone with an email inbox has been bombarded with communication from any retailer or supplier with a database, promising deal after deal, saving after saving. Yep, Black Friday is now a Red Letter Day all across the world. Santa has probably had to put the elves on short-time working!

And it preys on that most basic retail question – “who can resist a bargain?”

Well, not us! Check out these links for the best deals – for some of them, you will have to wait…they aren’t all giving the secrets out just yet…

Of course, there’s always a downside. Certainly the UK High Street remains a dilapidated environment, with many local or small stores unable to compete with such rampant commercialism.

Does Johnny Shopper care that much? Probably not – most of us now carry out a good proportion of our shopping in the comfort of our own homes. The last minute Christmas rush is not a thing of the past, but it is a thing delivered to our doorstep while we wait with wrapping paper and Sellotape (unless, of course, you clicked the Gift Wrap option).

So, Black Friday is with us and is set to become the next big thing. And maybe, just maybe, it will reduce the hours spent in cars, looking for somewhere to park. You won’t experience the ‘atmos’ but you are free to tuck into the Baileys.

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow!

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