In front of every good man there’s a great woman!


In recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Idealogy CEO, Simon Dover is taking the opportunity to officially acknowledge the strong team of female leaders whose experience, skills and outlook are at the very heart of the Southampton-based brand consultancy.

Simon comments; ‘International Women’s Day is a good time to properly recognise the hard work our dynamic Idealogy ladies put in and their influence on the success of the business and its people. They bring a unique set of skills to the table. They are the glue that holds the business together – their pragmatism keeps our creative instincts fully focused but never compromised.’

At Idealogy there is a powerful female influence at every business touch-point from Board Director, to account management, planning and resourcing to client liaison and design. In such a tight knit team they each play a key part in the efficient, smooth running of the business.

Charlotte Blake and Liz Hellyer liken themselves to the ‘engine room’ of the business while Anna Ecuyer, Insights & Content Consultant, from Lymington and Vicki White, Project Manager from Poole are the face of Idealogy, building relationships with the customers and helping deliver excellence.

Anna joined in 2004 as Senior Designer having held a previous design role at Saatchi & Saatchi in London. She has since moved into an essential client interface role consulting on brand development, insight and research. Vicki is the newest recruit having joined in October 2014 and is enjoying her role as Project Manager, learning the ropes from Anna.

Financial and Board Director Charlotte Blake, based in Southampton, has been with the business for 17 years, originally joining as Office Accounts and Admin Assistant. She was appointed to the Board as Financial Director and head of HR in June 2010.

Liz Hellyer, from the Isle of Wight, joined Idealogy, straight from university, initially as a Junior Designer in 1992. She then had a break to start a family before furthering her career and developing as an Account Director. Liz rejoined Idealogy in 2012 from Liz Earle Beauty and is now Idealogy’s Planning and Resource Manager.

Both Liz and Charlotte are currently the champions of Idealogy’s big-ticket transformation – responsible for implementing Synergist – an enterprise-wide management system – in 2013.

Simon Dover believes that Synergist, and its effective implementation, has turned the business around. He comments; ‘Synergist joins up the process dots – it makes the company better at planning, budgeting and time management with all the obvious business efficiencies and cost benefits as well as making full use of all resources, ultimately delivering a better service to our clients. The system paints a complete picture of the business.
‘But before we get ahead of ourselves, Synergist is only as good as the people using it. Across the scope of the platform Idealogy probably has about 70% absorption rate. Similar businesses only seem to utilising 25% of its capability – but we’re getting in deep! Liz and Charlotte have been relentless. They are solely responsible for championing and implementing the system, overcoming the objections and obstacles that might have beached the program. The girls just ploughed on. They’re almost evangelical about it, and the results are obvious both inside and outside the business. I’m not sure who else would have been so tireless in making it succeed.’

Creative Director Simon Warren, comments; ‘Throughout my personal and professional career, I’ve been a strong believer in the saying ‘Behind every successful man, there is a strong, wise and hardworking woman.’ The role the girls play within Idealogy is absolutely critical on so many levels, they are the real driving force behind our success and continued growth.’

Financial Director Charlotte Blake, comments; ‘It’s about a true team effort…our clients may demand powerful creative thinking and brilliant ideas – but they also expect an effective, well-run business and our CEO expects us to deliver to forecast – our job is to maintain the optimum balance between these (often opposing) forces, keeping one eye on the guys, keeping them focused and the other on costs, time lines, P&L, HR and everything else!’