Juggling variable buying cycles with consistent marketing performance is no mean feat

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It can be incredibly frustrating trying to manage campaign calendars, product launches and budgets when your customers’ buying cycles are so up in the air?

Wouldn’t it be great to get customers to buy on a dull Wednesday in January when your campaign goes live? Trouble is, they rarely do! The very best you can hope for, is to keep your name in front of them, wherever they are in their relationship with either the product or your brand.

Insight. Synchronicity. Relevance.

Get all three right and your budgets will work harder while your marketing performance will go through the roof.

But the truth is very different. Very few clients have the bandwidth to sustain the amount of juggling they would like to do. As a result, there’s too much reliance on data, too much reliance on technology and, quite frankly, some pretty poor advice from various types of agency.

The usual suspects are:

  • Complex persona profiling
  • Over-promising on technology platform performance
  • Poor or inappropriate use of creativity
  • Over-indulgent content journeys

So, why not do everything in moderation?

  1. Research and data: Use research sparingly to gather insight on trends and purchase drivers. Use your sales data only to identify customer buying behaviours
  1. Activity planning: use your insights to be braver with the timing of your marketing calendar. Tease. Test. Learn. No idea is a bad idea as long as its grounded in insight.
  1. Creative suitability and content relevance: use creativity wisely. Never trivialise the technology. Format your content to suit the subject and tone-of-voice.
  1. Data capture: simplify your data capture objectives. Define which content to give away and which to gate with data capture. Set up your data capture to establish simple customer buying cycle categories.

BuyCycle, a new Idealogy proprietary process, will help you keep all the balls in the air! Look out for it next month.