Post-Brexit, consumers require reorientation. Let Brands lead the way!


In post-referendum Britain, 70% of consumers fully believe that the decision to leave the EU is going to have a negative impact on both buying behaviour and, by extension, brands, while approximately 60% think that product and service costs will almost inevitably increase.

Add to that some powerful opinion (over 70% of consumers interviewed) that brands need to play a vital role in educating the country on what Brexit really means for their products and services, once the post-campaign rhetoric dust had settled. As of today, those brands are failing to embrace this and not doing enough to provide better communication about what their product/service values really stand for.

Brands have a deep-seated responsibility; to obviate many of the fears that consumers feel by educating them in so many critical areas. This is a huge social opportunity. The brands that position themselves as open, progressive and ‘for the people’ are the brands we will want to associate ourselves with, buy into and from.

There has never been a more important time to be leading an audience clearly and confidently into the new economic landscape.